James Kincaid Johnson
1st Vice President
America's Veterans

James, better know as Jack, served 6 years as a US Marine, spending 27 months in Viet Nam with the 1st and 3rd Marines during 1965-68. While stationed at Treasure Island Naval Base, CA, Jack served as security at the Brig and the Gate and performed Special Duty escorting Marines home to their final resting place.

Immediately following his discharge, Jack served as a California Peace Officer in Fresno County. For twenty-eight years he has worked in the Motion Picture Industry as a Lighting Director.

In 1999, when Jack retired, he co-founded Citizens For Veterans' Rights (www.cfvr.org); an advocacy organization that addresses veteran issues. He served on the Board of Directors as Veteran At Large.

Jack is currently the 1st Vice President of America's Veterans, a non-profit organization he is the co-founder of. America's Veterans advocates for veteran benefits, housing, education and healthcare and has partnered with the Library of Congress' Veteran History Project (www.loc.gov/vets) in an effort to obtain and preserve veteran interviews.

In November of 2008, America's Veterans will present Warriors: Protectors of the Earth, an exhibit that will feature a collection of artwork by Native American veterans. The exhibit will open at the National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum in Chicago and run through May 2009.

Jack's photographs taken while in Viet Nam, can be seen in the traveling exhibit Debriefing, which is currently on display at the National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum in Chicago. The exhibit will open at the Ontario Museum of History and Art, in Ontario, CA in December of 2008.

Jack is involved with Healing Resources (www.healingresources.org), which consists of a group of professionals working to redefine the faces of trauma. As a member of The Citizen Potawatomi Nation of Oklahoma, Jack helped the tribe implement their Veteran History project.

His professional and community service affiliations, both past and present, include:

  • Local 728 - IATSE
  • Pumunkatuc Lighting & Grip
  • San Joaquin River Intertribal Heritage Educational Corporation
  • National Alliance For The Mentally Ill - NAMI Vets
  • Veterans Project (Bresler Foundation)
  • Haramokngna Native American Cultural Center