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America's Veterans has learned through a personal visit to the National Personnel Records Center, that Military and/or Medical records requested by a veteran or by an organization hired by a veteran to obtain their Military or Medical Records, will receive only a partial summary of what is in their file.

To obtain more, a veteran can visit the National Personnel Records Center by making an appointment. This appointment will allow the veteran to personally view documents in his/her file. Prior to the veteran viewing their documents, those prohibited to be viewed by law, will be removed.

As the veteran reviews his/her file they may request copies of certain documents. The entire file will NOT be copied (according to the clerks there is not enough man power to do so).

If certain documents are requested and denied by the National Personnel Records Center, the veteran can obtain a court order to receive copies of said documents.

The copies will be mailed to the veteran. They will not copy the records at the time of your appointment. The records must be reviewed and information blacked out that may pertain to another individual.