Special Military Social Security Rate

Jan 29, 2007

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America's Veterans


When a veteran applies for Social Security benefits, they should take their DD-214 with them. Social Security then computes the extra benefit and it is added to the monthly payments. In many cases, the Social Security office asks for a DD-214 and this benefit is computed automatically. But, not always. If you are a veteran who is collecting Social Security and you're not sure whether you are receiving this benefit, call your local Social Security office and ask them to check your account. If you are not getting the benefit, take your DD-214 to your local Social Security office and apply. They will compute your new benefit and you will receive a larger monthly check plus retroactive benefits computed from the time you started collecting Social Security. Remember, military retirees and government retirees who use military time to compute "time in service" do not qualify for this benefit. For more information, visit http://www.ssa.gov/retire2/military.htm.