The History Channel and Indigo Films seek MILITARY REUNION STORIES OF A SPECIFIC NATURE for possible inclusion in a documentary scheduled to air on The History Channel later this year.

April 2002

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America's Veterans

  • Trying to locate: Veterans desiring reunions with long-lost comrades
  • Branch of Service: Any
  • Unit was: Any
  • Where served: Vietnam, Korea, or Persian Gulf
  • When served:

... Indigo Films is a television production company based in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are currently researching military reunion stories for a documentary in production for The History Channel scheduled to air later this year.

We are profiling individual veterans who desire a reunion with a "lost/missing" comrade(s) from combat, but have yet to succeed in finding the person(s) with whom they want to reunite. The premise of the program is to assist the veterans we profile in searching for their comrade(s), to hopefully find the person(s) and schedule a meeting, and then document the reunion on camera.

To give you some background on our documentary premise, following are a few details about the types of stories we're seeking:

  • Veterans of Vietnam, Korean or Gulf Wars
  • Veterans seeking to reunite for a SPECIFIC REASON w/ a comrade(s) who played a significant role with them in combat, but with whom they have lost touch. The reason to reunite must be a compelling or unusual one (i.e., more than solely to renew a friendship or introduce families to each other), and based on a specific incident or experience.
  • The reunion cannot have occurred already ... it must be a desired contact that has not been found yet.

A FEW EXAMPLES of the kinds of stories desired by The History Channel:

  • veteran filing a VA claim or applying for a Medal of Honor who needs verification of a combat or war-related incident from eye-witnesses;
  • a veteran dealing w/ Post-Traumatic Stress syndrome who seeks closure over a battle or war-related incident;
  • a veteran in possession of a long-lost item (preferably related to combat incident) that belongs to a comrade & wants to return it to its owner ...

If your search (or those of other veterans you may know) happens to fit the premise of our documentary, I would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you in more detail. Please respond by telephone (415-602-8816; feel free to call collect) or email.

Annette Lindemann
INDIGO FILMS for The History Channel
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