DoD BRAC Recommendations Expected to Save Nearly $50 Billion
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May 13, 2005 - Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld announced today that the department's recommendations to close or realign military facilities in the United States will better position U.S. forces to confront this century's threats. The recommendation, if fully implemented, will generate an estimated net savings of nearly $50 billion over the next two decades. When combined with the anticipated savings from overseas basing realignments around the world, the projected net savings increases to $64.2 billion.

The department's BRAC recommendations, if adopted, would close 33 major bases and realign 29 more.

The department's BRAC recommendations are intended to:

  • Enhance the military's ability to meet contingency surge or mobilization requirements;
  • Retain those installations that have unique capabilities that would be difficult to reconstitute at other locations;
  • Consolidate similar or duplicative training and support functions to improve joint war fighting;
  • Transform important support functions - including logistics, medicine and research and development - by capitalizing on advances in technology and business practice.
  • Once the commission has completed its review, it will present its recommendations to the President. The President must approve and submit the commission's recommendations to the Congress for review and appropriate action. The entire process is expected to be completed by the end of 2005.

    The following is a state-by-state breakdown of the military bases recommended for closure under the Pentagon proposal made public Friday. The list is not final, as states and communities will have an opportunity to make their case to save their facilities, including scores of Reserve and National Guard installations.

    [PARA]Alabama[NL]Abbott U.S. Army Reserve Center, Tuskegee[NL]Anderson U.S. Army Reserve Center, Troy[NL]Armed Forces Reserve Center, Mobile[NL]BG William P. Screws U.S. Army Reserve Center, Montgomery[NL]Fort Ganey Army National Guard Reserve Center, Mobile[NL]Fort Hanna Army National Guard Reserve Center, Birmingham[NL]Gary U.S. Army Reserve Center, Enterprise[NL]Navy Recruiting District Headquarters, Montgomery[NL]Navy Reserve Center, Tuscaloosa[NL]The Adjutant General Bldg, AL Army National Guard, Montgomery[NL]Wright U.S. Army Reserve Center[PARA]Alaska[NL]Kulis Air Guard Station[PARA]Arizona[NL]Air Force Research Lab, Mesa[NL]Allen Hall Armed Forces Reserve Center, Tucson[PARA]Arkansas[NL]El Dorado Armed Forces Reserve Center[NL]Stone U.S. Army Reserve Center, Pine Bluff[PARA]California[NL]Armed Forces Reserve Center Bell[NL]Defense Finance and Accounting Service, Oakland[NL]Defense Finance and Accounting Service, San Bernardino[NL]Defense Finance and Accounting Service, San Diego[NL]Defense Finance and Accounting Service, Seaside[NL]Naval Support Activity Corona[NL]Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach, Detachment Concord[NL]Navy-Marine Corps Reserve Center, Encino[NL]Navy-Marine Corps Reserve Center, Los Angeles[NL]Onizuka Air Force Station[NL]Riverbank Army Ammunition Plant[PARA]Connecticut[NL]Sgt. Libby U.S. Army Reserve Center, New Haven[NL]Submarine Base New London[NL]Turner U.S. Army Reserve Center, Fairfield[NL]U.S. Army Reserve Center Maintenance Support Facility, Middletown[PARA]Delaware[NL]Kirkwood U.S. Army Reserve Center, Newark[PARA]Florida[NL]Defense Finance and Accounting Service, Orlando[NL]Navy Reserve Center, St. Petersburg Georgia[NL]Fort Gillem[NL]Fort McPherson[NL]Inspector/Instructor, Rome[NL]Naval Air Station Atlanta[NL]Naval Supply Corps School, Athens[NL]U.S. Army Reserve Center, Columbus[PARA]Hawaii[NL]Army National Guard Reserve Center, Honokaa[PARA][PARA]Idaho[NL]Navy Reserve Center, Pocatello[PARA]Illinois[NL]Armed Forces Reserve Center, Carbondale[NL]Navy Reserve Center, Forest Park[PARA]Indiana[NL]Navy Marine Corps Reserve Center, Grissom Air Reserve Base, Bunker Hill[NL]Navy Recruiting District Headquarters, Indianapolis[NL]Navy Reserve Center, Evansville[NL]Newport Chemical Depot[NL]U.S. Army Reserve Center, Lafayette[NL]U.S. Army Reserve Center, Seston[PARA]Iowa[NL]Navy Reserve Center, Cedar Rapids[NL]Navy Reserve Center, Sioux City[NL]Navy-Marine Corps Reserve Center, Dubuque[PARA]Kansas[NL]Kansas Army Ammunition Plant[PARA]Kentucky[NL]Army National Guard Reserve Center, Paducah[NL]Defense Finance and Accounting Service, Lexington[NL]Navy Reserve Center, Lexington[NL]U.S. Army Reserve Center, Louisville[NL]U.S. Army Reserve Center, Maysville[PARA]Louisiana[NL]Baton Rouge Army National Guard Reserve Center[NL]Naval Support Activity, New Orleans[NL]Navy-Marine Corps Reserve Center, Baton Rouge[NL]Roberts U.S. Army Reserve Center, Baton Rouge[PARA]Maine[NL]Defense Finance and Accounting Service, Limestone[NL]Naval Reserve Center, Bangor[NL]Naval Shipyard Portsmouth[PARA]Maryland[NL]Defense Finance and Accounting Service, Patuxent River[NL]Navy Reserve Center, Adelphi[NL]Pfc. Flair U.S. Army Reserve Center, Frederick[PARA]Massachusetts[NL]Malony U.S. Army Reserve Center[NL]Otis Air Guard Base[NL]Westover U.S. Army Reserve Center, Chicopee[PARA][PARA]Michigan[NL]Navy Reserve Center Marquette[NL]Parisan U.S. Army Reserve Center, Lansing[NL]Selfridge Army Activity[NL]W.K. Kellogg Airport Air Guard Station[PARA]Minnesota[NL]Navy Reserve Center Duluth[PARA]Mississippi[NL]Mississippi Army Ammunition Plant[NL]Naval Station, Pascagoula[NL]U.S. Army Reserve Center, Vicksburg[PARA]Missouri[NL]Army National Guard Reserve Center, Jefferson Barracks[NL]Defense Finance and Accounting Service, Kansas City[NL]Defense Finance and Accounting Service, St. Louis[NL]Marine Corps Support Center, Kansas City[NL]Navy Recruiting District Headquarters, Kansas[NL]Navy Reserve Center, Cape Girardeau[PARA]Montana[NL]Galt Hall U.S. Army Reserve Center, Great Falls[PARA]Nebraska[NL]Army National Guard Reserve Center, Columbus[NL]Army National Guard Reserve Center, Grand Island[NL]Army National Guard Reserve Center, Kearny[NL]Naval Recruiting District Headquarters, Omaha[NL]Navy Reserve Center, Lincoln[PARA]Nevada[NL]Hawthorne Army Depot[PARA]New Hampshire[NL]Doble U.S. Army Reserve Center, Portsmouth[NL]Naval Shipyard Portsmouth[PARA]New Jersey[NL]Fort Monmouth[NL]Inspector/Instructor Center, West Trenton[NL]Kilmer U.S. Army Reserve Center, Edison[PARA]New Mexico[NL]Cannon Air Force Base[NL]Jenkins Armed Forces Reserve Center, Albuquerque[PARA]New York[NL]Armed Forces Reserve Center, Amityville[NL]Army National Guard Reserve Center, Niagra Falls[NL]Carpenter U.S. Army Reserve Center, Poughkeepsie[NL]Defense Finance and Accounting Service, Rome[NL]Navy Recruiting District Headquarters, Buffalo[NL]Navy Reserve Center Glenn Falls[NL]Navy Reserve Center Horsehead[NL]Navy Reserve Center Watertown[NL]Niagra Falls International Airport Air Guard Station[PARA]North Carolina[NL]Navy Reserve Center, Asheville[NL]Niven U.S. Army Reserve Center, Albermarle[PARA]Ohio[NL]Army National Guard Reserve Center, Mansfield[NL]Army National Guard Reserve Center, Westerville[NL]Defense Finance and Accounting Service, Dayton[NL]Mansfield Lahm Municipal Airport Air Guard Station[NL]Navy-Marine Corps Reserve Center, Akron[NL]Navy-Marine Corps Reserve Center, Cleveland[NL]Parrott U.S. Army Reserve Center, Kenton[NL]U.S. Army Reserve Center, Whitehall[PARA]Oklahoma[NL]Armed Forces Reserve Center Broken Arrow[NL]Armed Forces Reserve Center Muskogee[NL]Army National Guard Reserve Center Tishomingo[NL]Krowse U.S. Army Reserve Center, Oklahoma City[NL]Navy-Marine Corps Reserve Center, Tulsa[NL]Oklahoma City (95th)[PARA]Pennsylvania[NL]Bristol[NL]Engineering Field Activity Northeast[NL]Kelly Support Center[NL]Naval Air Station Willow Grove[NL]Navy-Marine Corps Reserve Center, Reading[NL]North Penn U.S. Army Reserve Center, Morristown[NL]Pittsburgh International Airport Air Reserve Station[NL]Serrenti U.S. Army Reserve Center, Scranton[NL]U.S. Army Reserve Center Bloomsburg[NL]U.S. Army Reserve Center Lewisburg[NL]U.S. Army Reserve Center Williamsport[NL]W. Reese U.S. Army Reserve Center/OMS, Chester[PARA]Puerto Rico[NL]Army National Guard Reserve Center, Humacao[NL]Lavergne U.S. Army Reserve Center, Bayamon[PARA]Rhode Island[NL]Harwood U.S. Army Reserve Center, Providence[NL]USARC Bristol[PARA]South Carolina[NL]Defense Finance and Accounting Service, Charleston[NL]South Naval Facilities Engineering Command[PARA]South Dakota[NL]Ellsworth Air Force Base[PARA]Tennessee[NL]U.S. Army Reserve Area Maintenance Support Facility, Kingsport[PARA]Texas[NL]Army National Guard Reserve Center No. 2, Dallas [NL]Army National Guard Reserve Center (Hondo Pass), El Paso [NL]Army National Guard Reserve Center, California Crossing [NL]Army National Guard Reserve Center, Ellington [NL]Army National Guard Reserve Center, Lufkin [NL]Army National Guard Reserve Center, Marshall [NL]Army National Guard Reserve Center, New Braunfels [NL]Brooks City Base [NL]Defense Finance and Accounting Service, San Antonio [NL]Lone Star Army Ammunition Plant [NL]Naval Station, Ingleside [NL]Navy Reserve Center, Lubbock[NL]Navy Reserve Center, Orange [NL]Red River Army Depot [NL]U.S. Army Reserve Center No. 2, Houston[PARA]Utah[NL]Deseret Chemical Depot [PARA]Virginia[NL]Fort Monroe [PARA]Washington[NL]1LT Richard H. Walker U.S. Army Reserve Center[NL]Army National Guard Reserve Center, Everett [NL]Navy-Marine Corps Reserve Center, Tacoma[NL]U.S. Army Reserve Center, Fort Lawton [NL]Vancouver Barracks [PARA]West Virginia [NL]Bias U.S. Army Reserve Center, Huntington [NL]Fairmont U.S. Army Reserve Center [NL]Navy-Marine Corps Reserve Center, Moundsville [PARA]Wisconsin [NL]Gen. Mitchell International Airport ARS [NL]Navy Reserve Center, La Crosse[NL]Navy-Marine Corps Reserve Center, Madison [NL]Olson U.S. Army Reserve Center, Madison [NL]U.S. Army Reserve Center, O'Connell [PARA][PARA]Wyoming[NL]Army Aviation Support Facility, Cheyenne [NL]Army National Guard Reserve Center, Thermopolis

    The full BRAC recommendations, additional information regarding community assistance and other details, may be found online at