Air Force Extends PCS Minimums
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November, 2006 - To meet budget mandates, the Air Force is reducing its permanent change of station budget deficit by extending the minimum time on station before transfers. Members serving in a Code 50 designated stabilized tour will have their tour automatically extended 12 months beyond the current expiration date. The extension is in addition to any voluntary extension the member already may have entered. Career enlisted aviators and rated officers in flying positions are exempt. Members with a projected PCS based on the previous Code 50 rules may apply for cancellation. Enlisted members and officers in the support, judge advocate, chaplain and medical career fields as well as most rated staff positions will be subject to a 48-month TOS minimum before being considered for a PCS between stateside bases unless mission requirements dictate otherwise.

For more information and a list of frequently asked questions, visit the AFPC Web site.