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HR 163 and SB 89
HR and SB were introduced into congress to reinstate the draft.

Send a special message to our men and women in the military defending American freedom worldwide

Attention all vets who may need legal aide, by contingency fee, for denied or difficult claims.
WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, etc, for AO, toxic chemical, PTSD (Asbestos will be considered).
For further information please contact:

Ted Barker
The Korean War Project:

Combat Related Special Compensation (CRSC)
allows some disabled military retirees, who served at least 20 years and who are eligible for both military retired pay and Veterans Administration disability compensation, to receive both under certain guidelines.

Further information and applications are available: More… .

Support the Comprehensive Assistance for Veterans Exposed to Traumatic Stressors Act of 2005
The bill will offer a comprehensive approach to addressing the mental health needs of servicemembers exposed to combat, including those members of our Armed Forces now serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. More…

Some Survivors Face Deadline for Restored Benefit
Under the new law, surviving spouses who remarried after age 57 and before Dec. 16, 2003, have a limited time to apply for restoration of DIC. More...

USS CARBONERO (SS-337) Was Used For SHAD Tests
Jan 08, 2004 - If you were aboard the USS Carbonero (SS-337) during any of the following dates: May & June 1965 August & September 1966 or April & May 1968, you should contact the nearest VA Medical Center. More...

Attention Vets With 100% Disability

The Secretary requests your assistance in locating veterans who have a 100% disability, and are willing to testify that they have waited more than 30 days for medical appointments. If you know of any veterans who meet this requirement, please notify me as soon as possible.

Bruce G. Nitsche
Veterans Liaison to the Secretary
Department of Veterans Affairs
Office of Intergovernmental Affairs
3033 Winkler Extension
Room 747
Fort Myers, FL 33916
(239) 931-6135 (voice)
(239) 851-0057 (cell)
(239) 931-6136 (fax)

Help Stop Hospital Infections
If you must go into a hospital, do you ever expect to get a life- threatening infection there? More...

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