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U.S. High Court To Hear Firms' Agent Orange Appeal
The U.S. Supreme Court said on Monday it would hear an appeal by the manufacturers of Agent Orange arguing that a 1984 global class-action settlement prevents two Vietnam War veterans from suing…

Ruling May Affect Your Entitlement To VA Disability Compensation or DIC Benefits
The Nehmer ruling requires the VA to review certain previously denied claims and when appropriate, issue new decisions regarding those claims …

Veterans Lose Health Care Suit Against Pentagon
A divided, reluctant federal appeals court denied claims yesterday by World War II and Korean War veterans who said the government reneged on promises to provide free lifetime health care if they stayed in the service for 20 years…

Class Act Group Announces U.S. Federal Court of Appeals Ruling Against Military Retires Lifetime, Government Financed Medical Care
"This battle is not over. We were all aware that whichever way the Court of Appeals ruled, that the case would be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court. Much to my surprise and astonishment, it is G.I. Joe that is appealing" says Colonel George "Bud" Day, USAF, Ret, the attorney representing some 22,000 clients…

U.S. Congress Authorizes Addition of a Commemorative Plaque to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Through Public Law 106-214, Congress authorized the American Battle Monuments Commission to erect, within the existing 13-acre site of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, a commemorative plaque honoring those veterans who died after their service during the Vietnam War but as a result of that service, and whose names are not otherwise eligible for placement on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall.

California's Disabled Veterans Have Long Had a Right to Free Vendor Licenses
Every soldier, sailor or marine of the United States who has received an honorable discharge or a release from active duty under honorable conditions from such service may hawk, peddle and vend. It's the law…

DoD - VA Task Force Report
In 2001 President Bush signed an executive order establishing the Presidential Task Force to Improve Health Care Delivery for Our Nation's Veterans ….

Rebuilding the Mountain
Frank Van Zant moved to Imlay in 1967 with his new wife. From the humble beginnings of a small trailer, he began to build a monument to American Indians…

DoD Expands Shad Investigation
The Department of Defense announced today an expansion of the Shipboard Hazard and Defense investigation…

Diseases Not Associated With Exposure to Certain Herbicide Agents
SUMMARY: As required by law, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) hereby gives notice that the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, under the authority granted by the Agent Orange Act of 1991, has determined that a presumption of service connection based on exposure to herbicides used in the Republic of Vietnam during the Vietnam Era is not warranted for the following conditions…

The Senate Veterans Affairs Committee votes to establish a 400 bed veterans hospital at the WLA VA Medical Center
This bill would continuously appropriate the moneys in the Veterans' Home Fund, without regard to fiscal years and in an amount not to exceed an unspecified limit $31,000,000 , to meet state funding requirements for the construction of veterans' homes, located in the City of Lancaster and in the community of Saticoy, that are identified by the same specified statute, and a veterans' home located in West Los Angeles, that is an additional home established pursuant to the bond act.

Vets May Appear In Steel, Porcelain
In an effort to preserve the memories of living veterans, America's Veterans is collaborating with the Library of Congress to construct this wall, a series of linked steel panels, 6 feet tall by 3 feet wide.

VA Hospitals Face Overhaul
Plan to do massive restructuring will be announced today
Veterans hospitals in cities across the country could be closed as the Departments of Veterans Affairs shifts its focus to outpatient care and works to bring services closer to people who need them.

Court victory for sick Gulf War veteran
A soldier denied an army pension despite claiming that his Gulf War service made him ill has won a landmark legal victory. An appeal court ruled that Gulf War syndrome did exist - and was caused by active service…

New OnlineVA Benefits Guide Available
The Department of Veterans Affairs has made its comprehensive benefits guide available for free on the Internet …

The History Channel and Indigo Films seek MILITARY REUNION STORIES OF A SPECIFIC NATURE for possible inclusion in a documentary
We are profiling individual veterans who desire a reunion with a "lost/missing" comrade(s) from combat, but have yet to succeed in finding the person(s) with whom they want to reunite …

118 Government Doctors Punished
More than 100 federal government doctors have been convicted of crimes or disciplined by state medical boards, including one physician now treating veterans who was convicted of helping a terrorist group …

Veterans Job Training Legislation To Be Subject of Hearing
Legislation that would establish a President's National Hire Veterans Committee to furnish employers with information about the training and skills of veterans and disabled veterans is …

VA Creates Advisory Committee On Homeless Veterans
Secretary of Veterans Affairs Anthony J. Principi today announced creation of a new 15-member committee to advise him on issues …

Rising Drug Costs Push Veterans Into V.A. System
Elderly veterans struggling to cope with rapidly rising drug costs are pouring into the health care system of the federal Veterans Affairs Department, so severely straining its resources …

New Mastectomy Compensation Regulation Issued
The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has issued a final regulation that awards special monthly compensation to women veterans with service-related loss of one or both breasts …

House Veterans Affairs Committee Ranking Member Lane Evans Hails Agent Orange Decision Approving Retroactive Benefits for Vietnam Veterans
April 4, 2002 - Urges Veterans and Surviving Spouses to Contact VA If Vietnam Veteran Had Filed a Claim for Prostate Cancer or Diabetes …

VA owes millions for Agent Orange ills; Appeals court orders coverage for veterans with prostate cancer
In a ruling expected to affect thousands of Vietnam veterans with diseases linked to the deadly defoliant Agent Orange, the U.S. Court of Appeals in San Francisco told the government yesterday to pay …

Our POW's Still Out There, Says Top U.S. Brass
March 25, 2002 - When former Spotlight correspondent Mike Blair first began reporting back in 1975 that live American prisoners were being held from both the Korean and Vietnam wars …

VA Compensates More Veterans Exposed to Radiation
January 25, 2002 - Secretary of Veterans Affairs (VA) Anthony J. Principi announced today the addition of five new cancers to the list of diseases presumed to be connected to the exposure of veterans to radiation …

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